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- Graduate in Digital Photography at Vanarts (Vancouver institute of Media and Arts) (2012-2013)

 - Graduate in Journalism at UniCeub (Centro Universitario de Brasília) (2008-2011)

- 11 pictures selected for the movie "Grey City", about Graffiti in São Paulo

 - Award Winner of the photo contest of the Applied Arts Magazine May -2014 - 2 selected Photos (to be published)

 - Award Winner of the photo contest of the Applied Arts Magazine December 2013- 3 selected photos in 2 different categories (Photo and Photo illustration) 

- Award Winner of the best Photo Portfolio of the year on Vanarts (2013)

- Collective Expo with 3 Photos on Baumont Gallery - Vancouver (2013)

- Collective Expo with 5 photos on BSB Fineart art Fair - Brasília (2013)

- Published on First edition of the Nil Magazine - pages 77 and 78 (Art Magazine that show promising artists) (2011)

 edition online:

 -Art History course at the Ecco Institute (Espaço Cultural e Contemporaneo) (2010)

- History University at UniCeub (Centro Universitario de Brasília) (unfinished) (2007-2009)  


Paulo Matheus Lacerda is an emerging photographer, born and raised in Brasília, capital of Brazil, where he discovered his passion for photography while studying to earn his bachelor’s degree in Journalism in 2009. Documenting graffiti and street art put him in contact with the street, where developed a unique style of urban photography.

The photographer grew up in an artistic environment, absorbing and observing art in auctions and museums since a child. Inevitably, his growing interests lead him to study art and art history. 

 After Graduating in Journalism, Paulo Matheus moved to Vancouver where he decided to enroll in a one-year-full-time Digital Photography course at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. There he was able to refine his skills to become a fine art and street photographer. In addition to all this, Paulo Matheus is also a qualified photojournalist, conceptual: portraiture and Fashion photographer.

Artist Statement 

Paulo’s artwork is rich in influences, being mainly inspired by his hometown, Brasília, capital of Brazil. The city is famous worldwide for it’s unique modernist architecture and visionary urbanism, where art and nature merge inseparably in a landscape second to none. The buildings and monuments designed by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer and the mosaics of Athos Bulcão are everywhere in the city and it is the main inspiration of the BeInside series.

Movements such as, Constructivism, Concretism, Minimalism, Surrealism, Op-art and Pop-art inspire this Fine Art Series. In a tireless search for inspiration through art, Paulo attended to art classes in 2010, where he learned about iconology, semiotics, chromatic tones and art analysis (painting, sculptures, installations and performances). His final thesis was an art related researched based on Pop Art and Andy Warhol’s biography and work, as well as Semiotics.

The photography of Paulo Matheus Lacerda is inspired by masters of photography such as: Cartier-Bresson, Phillip Hausman, Sebastião Salgado, Thomas Farkas, Man-Ray, Chema Madoz and Luiz Humberto.